Innovation Management 4

This is the fourth book of Knowledge Facilitation Series by Dr. Mansoor Alawar issued under the title “Innovation Management”. As usual, Dr. Mansoor addresses his topic with an accessible manner conforming to scientific approach, in a reasonable way. Focus is given to the practical aspect through logical steps or procedures. The author addresses a hot topic, introducing readers to meaning of innovation and its significance, illustrating its factors and challenges in organizational environments.

Dr. Mansoor analyzes the innovation process, dividing it into five main stages. In conclusion and as in other releases by the author, the book concludes with a scale of 20 questions with an aim to measure organizational innovation management.


I. Meaning of innovation

Referential meaning

Pragmatic meaning

Definition of innovation

II. Innovation Significance

Discrimination between the rich and the poor

Original cause of discrimination

III. Innovation Process Analysis


Who is the innovative person?

Stages of innovation


IV. Factors of innovation

First type: individual factors

Second type: organizational factors

V. Innovation Obstacles

VI. Innovation Management Scale



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