Knowledge Management and Performance effectiveness 3

Knowledge Management and Performance Effectiveness 3

This is the third book of Knowledge Facilitation Series. Readers are introduced to the concept of knowledge, and the main differences between knowledge on one side and data and information on the other. The book addresses the processes of knowledge management based on its objectives, in view of gaining, storing, and disseminating knowledge. The author concludes the book with a knowledge management scale to be used to make sure knowledge management is effectively managed within organizations.




 1. What is Knowledge?

Concept of knowledge

Significance of knowledge to organizations

2. Data, information and knowledge





2. Knowledge management

Knowledge management concept

Knowledge management objectives

Knowledge management structure within an organization

3. Knowledge management processes

Identification of knowledge

Identification of knowledge management objectives

Gaining (creating of) knowledge

Storing of knowledge

Knowledge dissemination

Knowledge implementation

4. Knowledge Management Effectiveness Scale

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