Quality in Policework 5



The book gives a definition of the quality application in policework, elaborates on the basic elements of their application, and then highlights the importance of control over its quality cost, and the seriousness of its absence, especially in the public sector institutions. Dr. Al Awar shows in Part IV of the book that quality application does not negatively affect the prestige of the police, but on the contrary, it strengthens cooperation and trust between the police and members of the community. The book is concluded by a scale of the quality of the policework.


I. Philosophy of policework from the perspective of quality

Definition of quality


III. Elements of quality application

First element: leadership commitment

Second element: comprehensive survey procedure

Third element: action plan

Fourth element: plan documentation and implementation

Fifth element: performance evaluation

III. Quality cost

1. Definition

2. Quality cost control

IV. Quality and police prestige

1. Police concerns

2. Baseless concerns

a. In England

b. In Canada


D. In Dubai Police

V. Policework Quality Scale

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