Eid Mubarak

Because Eid is always associated with happiness, I would like firstly to greet our leaders on the occasion of the happy Eid al-Fitr. Our leadership is the leadership of happiness. They have made our happiness an agenda of the government. Under their leadership, our loyalty has become a badge of pride. They have made our belonging to this beloved land a permanent Eid for every Emirati. 

In other words, being an Emirati means that your life is a lengthy happy Eid under the leadership of happiness. 

And let’s add: Today, Emiratis are the luckiest. Instead of one Eid, they have two: one for being an Emirati and one Eid al-Fitr.

Don’t take me for granted. These are the words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, "When we say that the goal of the government is to achieve happiness, we mean and apply what we say literally; we will strive to achieve what we say in line with the ambitions, aspirations, traditions and culture of our people."

No other leader has such a noble passion for his people’s happiness. Not only that, His Highness is keen to translate this passion into goals, strategies and action plans.

No wonder that the like of his is rare, if any. So please say it with me, “@HHShkMohd EID MUBARAK”.

I am also pleased to extend my greetings to all my family, friends and colleagues on this occasion of blessings and good deeds.

It is the season of harmony, the season of tolerance, and the season of new and beginnings.

Our recollections are replete with pleasant memories and scenes of the likes of these blessed days. Eid always has been the source of joy and pleasure, and these beautiful days have always been a matchless opportunity for gathering and meeting with friends and family.

In conclusion, I repeat my wishes to our UAE leaders: Happy Eid. And to my family, friends and colleagues.

I wish you all many happy returns.

Dr. Mansoor Alawar